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Meet Carl Alleyne

I help dads live to their fullest potential with passion.

If you really want to building a vibrant family, have personal balance, take risks and pursue dreams like starting a business; then I can definitely help you.

I are believe in dads parenting and living to their fullest potential.

My accomplishments include:
Salem State University
School of Hard Knocks

Work History:
Married for 20 years.
Parent of 5 kids. Two on the Autism Spectrum. And two are foster boys.
I along with my wife worked a combined 16 years as youth ministry leaders.
I along with my wife served in young family's ministry for 3 years.
I’ve ben a dance coach for youth and adults for over 20 years.

Other Info:
Being a performer for over 30 years, dance coaching for over 20 years, owning my own businesses for 17 years, and being a digital marketer; I am well rounded with a lot of interpersonal and life experience.
I help my son market his own business and I help my youngest foster boy run his own YouTube channel.
I’ve learned how to raise two boys on the Autism Spectrum into amazing loving teens who use their strengths to make an impact.
I’ve Learned how to raise two foster boys and help them to start to explore and develop their talents.
I went from traveling and performing 85 + performances per year to being present emotionally and physically with my family running my own businesses and focusing on building a legacy.

When you want to live to your fullest potential with passion, you need someone you can count on when it comes to dads parenting and living their fullest potential.

I have everything it takes to help you building a vibrant family, have personal balance, and take risks and pursue your dreams.
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